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Moorcroft - Ancient Woodland Vase 101/14

Product Code -  101-14
It is presumed that if they are present on maps of this age, they are likely to be even older, perhaps even linking back to the prehistoric wildwood that once existed in the UK. Each ancient wood is unique. It has its own local soil, environment, wildlife and cultural history. For this reason, ancient woodland is irreplaceable. Expert in storytelling and detail, Paul projects a vision of ancient woodland on this spectacular vase. Gnarled branches which have played witness to events dating back hundreds of years, flank a secluded pathway which leads to cottages with smoking chimneys. This sheltered settlement sits in ancient woodland and looks relatively undisturbed by human activity. Over time, it has evolved into a complex community of trees, plants, fungi, microorganisms and insects- all carefully considered and incorporated by Moorcroft designer, Paul Hilditch.

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Moorcroft - Ancient Woodland Vase 101/14

Moorcroft Moorcroft - Ancient Woodland Vase 101/14

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