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Our extensive collection of Nao Figurines is second to none.  With over two hundred pieces to choose from, you'll find an array of ideas for Anniversaries, Birthdays, Valentines Day and almost every occasion imaginable.  Nao figurines are renowned around the world for their stylish, flowing lines and evocative shapes.

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In 1967 the three Lladro brothers bought a little porcelain works very near the city of Valencia.  They soon started collaborating with the finest local porcelain craftsmen and thus Nao was born.  Almost overnight a new style of figurine was adopted, with staff being specifically trained to create the new ‘look’.   Compared with current Nao Figurines, the early pieces were unsophisticated and crude and yet still held considerable charm and innocence – two characteristics which still hold good today.
Even in the early days, the Nao designers were determined to create designs that would stand the test of time; ornaments whose appeal would endure through generations.
Following on from the success of the new brand, the next steps for Nao came in 1975, when the factory moved to new premises in Valencia, with more extensive workshops that would accommodate further expansion in years to come.  As the Nao Figurine brand evolved, the ‘look’ of the ornaments became more stylized and embraced a wider range of themes. This was part of the natural development of the craftsmen and designers.
The popularity of Nao grew globally, and soon took hold in the USA.  Before long, it was confirmed as a genuine international ‘brand’.   Until this time, the company had traded under a number of different brand names, but, as a result of their international success, the Lladró brothers came up with a new business name, Nao, borrowed from the old sailing vessels from the time of Columbus.  The idea was to symbolise a return journey to origins, encapsulating a sense of skill, creativity, and magic. So - Nao was the fulfilment of the dream of the Lladró brothers - creating figurines from the finest porcelain which would combine beauty with affordability.
Here at the UK Gift Company, we've been stocking Nao figurines for nearly forty years and, from the very early days, these wonderful pieces have been amongst our most successful collections. Currently, we have our entire Nao Collection reduced by 15%!  So the lesson is, if you love collecting and giving porcelain figurines which are stylish and timeless in their appeal. When it comes to excellence in terms of quality and beauty, there's nothing to better Nao.

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