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Royal Worcester Painted Fruit


Royal Worcester PAINTED FRUIT

A Tribute to the Past and a Valuable Heirloom for Future Generations

The Art of Painted Fruit

The heritage of painted fruit has been developed at Royal Worcester over two hundred years.  The most decorative and finest shape are reserved for this decorative treatment and each fruit composition is a genuine one-off work of art.

In the eighteenth century fruit was always painted against a white background.  However, by the mid-eighteen hundreds century, the current style was evolving and has been highly appreciated by connoisseurs and collectors worldwide.

The beauty of Royal Worcester Painted Fruit can only be achieved through the variety of skills of the craftsmen and women of the Worcester factory.  Decorators can train for seven years before being allowed to execute their art along with the great Royal Worcester artists of the past.  Each fruit is carefully painted by hand to convey its immaculate natural beauty.

The artist uses a palette of translucent colours and, following the initial layer of colour, the item is fired.  Then further painting stages and firing are carried out.  At each part of the decorating process, the painter will build up the strength of colour of the Royal Worcester Painted Fruit item, to give the fruit a magical three-dimensional quality.  Translucent colours are used so that the lighter colours underneath show through, giving astonishing depth to the finished article.

 These masterpieces are not complete without the hand skills of the burnisher and gilder, who use 22 carat gold in a number of special techniques, thus adding to the splendour and richness of these wonderful pieces.

Today Royal Worcester produces an astonishing range of ornamental and tableware pieces.  Each one is uniquely crafted in the long tradition of Royal Worcester Fruit painting and is superbly presented in a silk-lined gift box.


·         The artist uses a palette of translucent colours to establish a depth of colour, providing the fruit a life-like three dimensional quality.

·         The gilder carefully applies the 22 carat gold by hand, adding to the spendour and richness of each finished piece.

·         A number of special techniques and tools allow the burnisher to magically transform the gold to its rich, high sheen.

·         Lastly, the finished piece is carefully inspected to make sure it arrives with the customer in perfect condition.

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