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8 tips for cleaning your teddy bear

Who wants a dirty Teddy?   Whether he's a prestigious Steiff Bear, a Charlie Bear or even a friendly little feller found at Paddington Station, no-one likes a grubby Ted.  It’s easy for your favourite Teddy to get dirty. They love hygiene and to be kept in pristine condition – especially if they belong to a small child.  Here are a few basic tips on how to keep your Teddy Bear as fresh and clean as the day he first came into your life.


Then - try these 8 tips -

1. Wipe him with a clean, damp cloth. Choose a soft, white washcloth - avoid coloured ones – the colour might run onto the bear. Dampen the cloth it and gently rub the teddy bear's fur with the washcloth to remove the surface dirt.

2. For stubborn dirt, you’ll need to use a stronger cleaning technique. Read the label on your bear to make sure it’s safe to do this. Some bears can go in the washing machine and washed with warm or cold water.  For bears with no washing instructions on the label, there is some amount of a risk with machine washing.  However, you can try laundering it on the gentlest cycle the machine will permit.

3. If your Bear is delicate, try putting him into a mesh bag (like a lingerie bag) before putting him into the washing machine. Make sure that there are no coloured clothes that might run, in the same wash.  Use a gentle laundry detergent.

4. To dry your teddy bear, don’t use the machine dryer.  Much better to hang him up or air dry him or use a hairdryer on gentle heat.  Don’t put him in the sun.  His colours might fade.

5. If you don’t want to get your Teddy wet, you can get rid of the dust by gently vacuum cleaning him.

6. Finally, you can brush the teddy bear's fur gently with a soft hair brush. This will give him back his lovely, sleek shiny, original look.

7. If your teddy bear is antique, don’t wash him yourself.  There are special establishments who specialize in restoring teddy bears.  We recommend Westfield Teddy bear Hospital.  You’ll find them at

8. If your child is too attached to the bear, it’s probably best not to risk cleaning the Teddy Bear. He might end up looking a lot different from how he used to!  Instead, try the vacuum cleaning method above.
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