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Welcome to our wonderful new website!

We’ve been burning the midnight oil now for many months to bring to you the best and easiest to use website for quality collectables and gifts.  In terms of the history of online shopping, The UK Gift Company has been around for longer than most.  Launched in 2005, we were one of the very first websites to offer a comprehensive selection of gifts from the world’s top brands of figurines, commemoratives and ornaments –  Willow Tree, Swarovski, Lladro, Steiff, Lilliput Lane and Royal Crown Derby to name just a few.
We’ve been lucky enough to enjoy success over the past 7 years; our loyal customer base is well into six figures. However, complacency has never been part of our make-up, and we’ve always understood the need to be alert to both changes in technology and, more important than anything, the needs of our lovely customers!

Our Old Website ...                                                                           
and the New Look -


Our categories are now organised along the top of every page in easily viewable ‘tabs’.  You can search by ‘Occasion’, by ‘brand’ whichever way suits you best.

Your Browsing Choices - As you look through a page of products, you’ll be able to decide if you want to see them listed alphabetically, in order of price (highest or lowest first), or by the year of introduction – with the newest or the oldest at the top.
You’ll also notice our feature whereby you can choose the currency – British Pounds, US Dollars or Euros.  (These are, of course, estimates, and your final purchase will always be in British Pounds).

Your 'Rear View Mirro
' - A brand new and (we hope!) welcome addition is our ‘browsing bar’.  You’ll find this towards the bottom of every page and it enables you to keep track of the items you’ve been looking at during your visit.  To look again at one of these items, you just click on its image.

Images on the Product Listing Pages

Customers often told us that the images on our Product Listing Pages were too small.  They were right.  It was like poring over a stamp collection!  We’ve addressed this and feel sure you’ll agree that our product images are now crisp and crystal clear, showing you everything you need to know.

Product Information

We can now tell you much more about the item you’re thinking of buying.  For each product, you’ll see a series of tabs, each providing plenty of detailed product information as well as outlining payment details and delivery options.

You'll also notice how you can now easily print the page or email it to a friend - a handy way of dropping a hint as to what you'd like for Christmas!

Background Stories

We now have an expanding stable of articles on many different aspects of our products and our services.  As well as articles about the history of, for example, Steiff Teddy Bears and Moorcroft Pottery, we plan to add informative pieces on how to care for your collection, the art of gift wrapping, even ideas for display.   We will also be running competitions and quizzes all with irresistible prizes!

Your Shopping Basket

This is now much neater and clearer than before and should do much to enhance your shopping experience.  You can see a little thumbnail image of your chosen items, as well as a clearly displayed price.  A full and clear breakdown of the prices, tax deductions, if appropriate, as well as any shipping charges are all shown on the check out page.

Added Extras

You also may have noticed that we invite you to join the Mailing List of our sister company, Peter Jones China and receive the latest brochures for Commemorative China and Crystal.  You can, of course, be added to The UK Gift Company customer list and receive our regular Newsletters regarding our latest releases and special offers.  Click on either of the images to sign up.



Coming soon

We have much more work to carry out before our new website is exactly as we'd like it.  During the next few weeks, you'll see many further enhancements.  To help you keep up with all that's new with The UK Gift Company, there will be fully functioning Facebook and Twitter pages.  We also have literally thousands of new products to add.

e hope you will like and which will help you to enjoy your overall shopping experience.  Although we’re excited about the look and the feel of our new site, we’re acutely aware that it’s you, our wonderful customer who matters more than anything.  So we’d like to hear what you think – good or bad.  Please let me know by contacting me here.
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