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the willow tree story

On these pages, you'll find an ever-growing archive of Willow Tree Information.  Each month, we'll be adding to these pages, with articles about creator and designer, Susan Lordi, the history of this wonderful collection, the story behind those mysteriously evocative figurines and information on display ideas, how to keep your collection in tip-top condition and of course, information about new additions to the range.

willow tree storyArtist Susan Lordi carves each original piece of Willow Tree by hand. She uses friends and family as models.  Susan attemptss to capture a moment in time, or express an emotion.  She casts pieces from her original carvings, and then paints them individually by hand. Willow Tree Figures are characterised by gently washed colors, metal and carved accents, and well-known icons of nature.

"I try to maintain the interpretation of Willow Tree open. This makes it more personal, and allows the individual to interpret its meaning."

Willow Tree was launched in January 2000. The range has grown to evoke those sentiments that we want to express most. To our family, to our friends, to those near and dear, to our teachers; to those who are far away.

The inspiration for Willow Tree still holds good to this very day: Willow Tree is a personal, intimate, collection of figurines and ornaments which represent sentiments and qualities  that bring us close to others, treasure relationships or heal wounds. Susan Lordi creates each original piece with this concept as inspiration. Her pieces continue to develop as she identifies the emotions which are important for us to evoke, and recreates them in pure, simple, gestures. These works of sculptural art form beautiful expressions of closeness, love, healing, hope and courage ... all the emotions of a full life well lived.

The name Willow Tree was chosen to communicate that which is beckoning and gesturing. The figurines are columnar in design, just like a tree.  They often carry natural animals or objects as metaphors for human qualities or virtues.   There is rosemary for remembrance, a bird to represent healing and flowers telling a story of beauty.

Willow Tree figurines are sculpted to express simplicity, elegance, serenity and peace. Shapes reveal their expressions through almost imperceptible bodily gestures ... a slant of the head,
a placing of the hands. It is left to the viewer to discern the precise emotions, which makes them powerful and personal.

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