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You'll find the web's finest collection of Willow Tree Figures of all shapes and sizes and we're equally proud of our range of beautiful and evocative Willow Tree Angels.  The versatility of these charminglu delightful ornaments is one of their main attractions.  There are perfect pieces for almost every occasion you can imagine - Willow Tree For Mum, The Nativity Collection.  There are Memory Boxes, Ornaments for Birthdays, Engagements, Anniversaries, Grandparenthood, Graduation - the list is almost endless.  When there is an occasion to celebrate, why give chocolates, flowers of cards when a Willow Tree ornament will last for ever?
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the willow tree story

Stephen Church writes - "My first viewing of the Willow Tree Figurines Collection came in the year 2000. I was at a trade show and our Enesco Representative showed me this new collection from a company called Demdaco. I hesitate to admit it, but my first reaction wasn't favourable. "You're joking," I said. "These Willow Tree Figurines will never sell. They haven't got faces. They look most weird." The representative had more commercial sense and disagreed. He said, "Give them a go. You'll find that by the end of the year, they will be one of your best sellers." Being easily persuadable, I reluctantly agreed. In 26 years of business, I can't remember ever having been more wrong. From day one, sales of Willow Tree Figurines were incredible. The appeal was instant and, ironically, it was the quality of 'facelessness' that I had feared would be such an obstacle, which in fact appealed to customers most.

Of course, it's not just the standard figurines which people love. There are the Willow Tree Angels, Hanging Ornaments, Keepsake Boxes and Photo Frames, not to mention the annual appeal of the Nativity pieces that everyone loves. The Willow Tree collection is popular for different reasons. I was in the shop only last week and a collector told me what attracted her to the Collection. "It's just the way the heads are gently tilted", she said. For others it's the hands and for others is the elegance of the posture. Another reason for the success of Willow Tree is their versatility as a gift.

You can give flowers or chocolates for almost any occasion, but the figurines don't fade and they don't melt. Their a gift that expresses an emotion that simply lasts forever."

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