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 For a few weeks only - now's your chance to be that clever early bid who catches the Willow Tree worm! 20% OFF ALL WILLOW TREE - but not for long!

    The History of a Family Business

    It was back in 1858 that a certain Thomas Church set up Church’s China in the little market town of Devizes in Wiltshire. To find out how the business grew from humble beginnings to one of the UK’s top online retailers of quality gifts and collectables

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    About The UK Gift Company
    "The UK Gift Company is all about Quality - quality in terms of our Brands, our Service and our Customers' Online Experience."

    We believe that, in this competitive age, when so much depends on being the loudest and the cheapest, we can be at our best by being uniquely different. Different in so many ways...

    • - We offer an astounding range of Premier Gifts and Collectables.
    • - Our website is sleek, efficient and easy to use.
    • - We actually welcome customer phone calls, by publishing our phone number at the top of every page.
    • To find out more about us, read below ...


    Our Product Ranges

    With the experience we have of the gift industry, we’re all too aware of the need to keep our product ranges fresh and appealing.  In this section, you’ll find a summary of our principle collections –

    • Willow Tree Figures - these amazing gifts have been with us now for over a decade.  Our initial thought were sceptical.  Would these enchanting figures with the oddly featureless faces, catch the imagination of the gift buying public?  We needn't have doubted their success.  From the very beginning, Willow Tree Figures took the world by storm and broke all records.  We're proud to have been for many years the country's number one stockist of this great Willow Tree range and look forward to supplying this amazing and evocative collection for many years to come.  Susan Lordi, the creator and designer of these beautiful figures never fails to come up with new designs year after year.
    • Moorcroft Pottery For Sale! -Britain's favourite and most famous art pottery continues to stand proudly as our premium gift brand.  Our range of thee beautiful and striking pieces is second to none.  Moorcroft Pottery celebrated its centenary only last year and continues to surprise and delight collectors from around the world.  Established ranges include Queen's Choice (designed by Emma Bossons FRCA) and Anna Lily (designer Nicola Slaney) both of which have been in production for over a decade.  But such longevity is unusual.  The more customary lifespan of a design from Moorcroft Pottery is just two years or eighteen months.  Recent additions are Anemone Blush, Courting Birds and the striking Chocolate Cosmos.  With new and enthralling designs emerging year after year, there's no doubt that Moorcroft Pottery will be around for many more years to come.
    • Lladro Porcelain - probably the best known and most popular range of porcelain figurines on the planet, the story od this amazing company is much like a fairy tale.  It all began in the 1950s, when the three young and artistic Lladro brothers, set out on their path of destiny to produce porcelain figurines of exquisite beauty and artistic content.  In the decades that have followed they have produced an almost uncountable collection of porcelain musical figures, romantic figurines and porcelain animals.
    • Nao Figurines
    • Border Fine Arts
    • Lilliput Lane Cottages
    • Charlie Bears
    • Steiff Bears and Animals
    • Royal Crown Derby
    • Jewellery
    • Engagement Gifts
    • Anniversary Gifts
    • Wedding Gifts

     Our Company Philosophy


    Although The UK Gift Company has been trading online for almost ten years now, we were established as a gift retail business for many years before - 150 years in fact!  So, when we set up online, we were convinced that, although the technology was new, the main principles of successful retailing still applied – in other words, looking after the customer.  If we were to continue to remain at the forefront of selling gifts and collectables, putting customers first was an absolute non-negotiable ‘must’.  If you read our Delivery and Shipping Information, as well as our Returns Policy, you’ll see exactly what we mean.  In short, we understand that without you, our customer, we have no business at all.  So that’s exactly, every decision we take about the design of this website and about the service we offer, is made by putting ourselves in your shoes and asking ourselves, “What does our customer want.”


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